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About Us

The United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association (UDITOA) was incorporated as a not-for-profit business league in 1999.

UDITOA's Mission:
To be the premier organization serving drive-in theatre owners. To promote commercial motion picture exhibition at drive-in theatres world-wide. To ensure that drive-in theatres remain a viable and competitive part of the motion picture industry.

UDITOA will achieve the mission through these goals:
To form a strong brotherhood (and sisterhood) of drive-in owners / operators / managers who can help one another with problems and educate the public, the media, and association members by providing a benchmark to the industry.

The Business affairs of the UDITOA are managed by the elected Officers that make up the Board of Directors. The current Officers for February 2023 through January 2024 are:

John Vincent Jr., President
D. Vogel, Vice-President
Loren Knapp, Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Donna Saunders, Membership Secretary
Mia Kerz, Recording Secretary
Mark Frank, Administrative Secretary
Jude Deleonardis, Director at Large
Ben Harroun, Director at Large
Mike Kerz, Director at Large
Denise Knapp, Director at Large
Susan Kochevar, Director at Large

A newsletter is produced five times per year. The newsletter contains Member News, Industry News, Ballyhoo, Recommended Products and Operator's Edge Tips.



P.O. Box 24771

Middle River, MD 21220- 0771



Authentic Drive-in Theatre owners, lessee operators, general managers and managers of permanently constructed, currently operating commercial Drive-In motion picture theatres.

Any person or persons applying for membership in the UDITOA must be of good moral character, reputation and ethics.

All UDITOA Authentic Drive-Ins must meet the official set of projection, sound, and building standards listed below.


The website www.authenticdriveins.com  lists all of the Authentic Drive-In Theatres which are members of UDITOA (the Untied Drive-In Theatre Association).   A list of qualifications and standards has been created by UDITOA to ensure that our Drive-In Theatre guests will receive the genuine Authentic Drive-In experience.

What is an Authentic Drive-In Theater? 

An Authentic Drive-In Theater is a permanently constructed commercial motion picture drive-in theatre of which the main purpose of the property is the outdoor exhibition of motion pictures for patrons in vehicles using professional DCI compliant Digital projectors or 35mm or 70mm film.

Authentic Drive-In screens are larger than life, as large as a massive 120 feet wide and are permanent structures constructed with Steel, Wood, or concrete or otherwise permanent structures. Authentic Drive-Ins featuring multiple screens will include at least one permanent screen anchored into the ground which meets the above standards.

Many Authentic Drive-In Theatres are genuine historical landmarks which have been in operation as early as the 1930’s and have been lovingly preserved. Other Authentic Drive-Ins are new builds which have been zoned and built as permanent attractions.  All Authentic Drive-Ins are dedicated to preserving the tradition of the Authentic Drive-In Theatres for generations to come! 

Authentic Drive-Ins feature the following;

  • A permanent large screen (anchored into the ground).
  • Authentic Drive-In Theaters are carefully designed to provide a dark movie viewing environment with minimal area lighting.
  • A permanent concession stand and rest rooms.
  • Many Authentic Drive-Ins may have a large grassy area in front of the screen for outdoor recreational activities, while other may have a play-ground.
  • Many Drive-In Theatres feature lot ramps (raised mounds which vehicles pull onto). The ramps raise the front end of the vehicles slightly, allowing our guests a better, unobstructed view of the screen. The curvature and height of the ramps puts the vehicles of the theatre guests into the most desirable position to view the screen.
  • Because of carefully planned construction and the acres of space, Authentic Drive-In Theatres have excellent sight-lines of the screen from your vehicle.
  • To provide a genuine theatrical experience, Authentic Drive-Ins utilize Studio Mandated DCI compliant powerful state of the art projectors or 35mm or 70mm film which projects the image onto a permanent screen and allow showings of first run movies in addition to classics.
  • Authentic Drive-Ins have proper cinema industry sound equipment broadcasting over FM in stereo or classic pole speakers.

An authentic Drive-In provides a complete evening worth of entertainment usually featuring a double feature of two movies, in addition to coming attractions, vintage concession ads and more!
In many cases the owner is on-site providing showmanship and ensures the service and experience is second to none!


  • Temporary screens set down into an existing parking lot.
  • An LED TV screen set in an existing parking lot or stadium is NOT an Authentic Drive-In and none currently meet studio image requirements for first-run movies.
  • Using Blu-Ray or DVD players with a non-theatrical digital projector are not Authentic Drive-In Theatres, and do not have the studio mandated higher quality image required for first run movies.

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